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movie list

Dear Tony~ Here is the list you want I'll update from time to time Wish when i back we can talking about the movie^^ love you best btw There are a lot of film are adapted from the novel, if you have time to read. I suggest you to read the novel first. If you don't have time ~ you can just see the movie ^^ It's not important~ they are really good too !! ENJOY ~ List of the movie that i like recently : Comedy: Valentine's Day Forgetting Sarah Marshall Romance : Dear John ( same writter as "Notebook" "Message in a bottle" and "A walk to remember" These are very good films too ^^, ) The Time Traveler's Wife (novel is better but the movie is quiet good ) Crime: The Girl With Dragon Tattoo ( novel is better as usual but the movie is quiet excited too ) Drama: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (wasn't on the cinema in Taiwan, movie and novel both very impressived ) My Sister's Keeper ( is good movie but the novel is much better ) The Memory Keeper's Daughter ( is a good movie but the novel is much better ) Action: Wanted History: The Young Victoria